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Boston Badminton Facility


Boston Badminton Construction Pics

Boston Badminton was built as a premier Club to promote the growth of badminton in the Greater Boston area through a world class 8 court facility, training program and tournaments.


Boston Badminton features

  • More than 32 feet ceiling

  • 3.5 feet or more around each of 8 courts

  • Excellent lighting using Ultralux High Bay with BlueMax lamps

  • Robbins Bio channel Classic maple sports floor.  This premium anchored resilient sports floor is the floor eight of the Ivy League schools play on for their competition sports and is featured in numerous private school facilities throughout New England.  Bio-Channel offers the industry’s first shimmable anchored-resilient sleeper  which float inside a steel channel resting upon a 7/16”  resilient EPDM rubber Bio-Pad for shock absorption, lateral movement and dimensional stability.

  • Locker rooms with shower

  • Heating  and air-conditioning; well-insulated

  • 56 parking spaces

Boston Badminton courts