• Open (peak) hours:

Mon-Fri: 6-10 pm
Sat: 1 pm-8 pm
Sun: 1-6 pm

  • Groups (household and/or trusted friends) of no more than 5 shall play in each court. Courts 3 and 5 are not available for use.   A Court Reservation/Use Form must be filled out before play.
  • Players are to arrive no more than 5 minutes before reserved times and promptly leave after.  The goal is to have no more than 25 people at the Club at any time.
  • Observe State guidelines on use of masks (when not playing), distancing and hand washing.
  • Avoid the use of showers, drinking fountains, used birdies and exercise equipment; do it at your own risk should you decide to use them.


  • Play only during open hours through non-member court reservations ($36/hr/ct) done through the website link and only during reserved time at the assigned court.

Members and 10 Pass Users

  • Fill out the Court Reservation/Use form; all 10 pass players MUST check in at all times.  Boston Badminton may deactivate keys of those who don’t comply.
  • Court reservation has the highest priority in court use.  Playing during non-peak hours is encouraged. During open (peak) times, member court reservation ($5/hr/ct,) done through the website link is highly recommended to insure court availability for group.  All players in member reserved courts have to be members or should check in with 10 pass.  Players can play longer than reserved court hours if court is available. 
  • Members are advised to check court use schedule before coming to club to insure availability.
  • If all courts are used, players have to wait outside and court use will be limited to 1 hour for singles and 2 hours for doubles. First in, first out.
  • Should the use of courts during designated non-peak hours become heavy, the court reservation hours will be extended.