Continuing League Program

After a successful Fall League, Boston Badminton is scheduling two more League Tournaments: a three day After Thanksgiving Tournament and a three week Holiday League.  The Pool Play structure for the League allows players to play 3 (depending on no.of entries, could be 2 or 4 matches, but this is not common) competitive matches continuously with a pool of players of about the same skill level.  Four pools are scheduled for each tournament date.  It is the best way to enjoy about 2 hours of badminton fun, meet other players and improve one's game.  Each event shall have a maximum 16 entries, so register early to reserve your spot.
The schedule for the After Thankgiving Tournament is:
                Fri  Nov 25               3-5 pm              Singles
6-8 pm              Mixed Doubles
                Sat  Nov 26              1-3 pm              Mixed Doubles
4-6 pm              Women's Doubles                                          Men's Doubles
   Sun  Nov 27              1-3 pm               Singles
4-6 pm               Women's Doubles                                       Men's Doubles 
The Holiday League schedule is:
Mondays, Dec 19, 26, Jan 2         7:30-9:30 pm                  Singles
Tuesdays, Dec 20, 27, Jan 3         7:30-9:30 pm                  Doubles
 Saturdays, Dec 24, 31, Jan 7       1:30-3:30 pm           Mixed Doubles
The League is free for all members and walk-in guests of the Club.