Open Play Line Live Stream

The livestream is for players to see how busy the open play line is. 

Please view our schedule (link on the left) to see how many courts are used for open play. 'Club Open Play' courts are labeled in orange on the schedule. 

House Rules

Badminton or indoor court shoes are required on the badminton courts.  No black soles or street shoes are allowed.  Do not wear your badminton shoes outside and then use them on the courts.  Keeping courts clean will greatly enhance safety and enjoyment during play.
Electronic keys are a privilege given to members in good standing.  This allows them to enjoy playing beyond the normal office hours.  Each member should swipe their key as they enter the facility; i.e. single entry for each swipe.  Guests are not allowed without prior approval. VIOLATORS WILL BE CHARGED TRIPLE THE PRICE OF GUEST PASSES AND MAY LOOSE ELECTRONIC KEY ENTRY PRIVILEGES.
Whenever there are more players than courts, all players will go on rotation with 2 doubles games or one singles game per rotation. 
So we can all enjoy playing badminton at the Club, please exercise some common courtesy….

  • Do not exclude players who have queued to play in the Club Play courts; if you only want to play with own group, just reserve a court.
  •  Do not use a second racquet to put in the queuing rack. 

This is best way to ensure your playing court. Rates for a maximum of 6 players/ct are: $20/hr for members and checked in guests, $40/hr for non-members. All players in member-reserved courts have to check-in.