1.  Everyone who uses the Club premises for any sports related activity (racket play or fitness activity) is required have an active membership or register as guest.  Members should swipe their electronic ID and guests should register and present a guest pass for each day that they use Club facilities.


2.  Premier members who use their electronic key entry should only allow entry of other premier members and guests who register and present passes. VIOLATORS WILL BE CHARGED TRIPLE THE PRICE OF GUEST PASSES AND MAY LOOSE ELECTRONIC KEY ENTRY PRIVILEGES.


3.  Everyone who uses the Club premises for any sports related activity (racket play or fitness activity) is required to have on file, active (less than 1 year) signed copies of




4.  Members and guests shall not use RESERVATION ONLY courts without prior reservation or permission from Management.  VIOLATORS WILL BE CHARGED TRIPLE THE COST OF COURT RESERVATION.


5. Members and guests will refrain from engaging in loud, foul or slanderous language or molesting, badgering or harassing other members or Club employees, agents or contractors.


6.  Only non-marking, sports shoes NOT worn outside are allowed on the sports floor surface.


7.  No food or drink other than water in closed containers, are permitted in the sports floor area.  Members and guests are responsible for any damage to the floor as a result of non-compliance.


8. From time to time, the Club may permit independent contracts to offer products or services to members.  The Club does not stand behind nor make any representations or warranties concerning or guarantee the quality or reliability of these products or services, including whether or  not these independent contracts will remain in business for any period of time.


9.  Members and guests may not bring illegal drugs and substances onto the Club premises.


10. The Club may change the rules and regulations without notice at any time and will post them for compliance.


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I have read the Membership Policies and Club Rules and Regulations: I fully understand its terms and accept that failure to abide by the Membership and Guest Policy, the Rules and Regulations and other posted rules of Boston Badminton may result  the loss of membership without refund. 



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