Open Play Line Live Stream

The livestream is for players to see how busy the open play line is. 

Please view our schedule (link on the left) to see how many courts are used for open play. 'Club Open Play' courts are labeled in orange on the schedule. 


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FEB 18-19  Massbad Durabird Team Tournament (C/D)  Prospectus  Entry deadline Jan 29
FEB 25-26  Massbad Yonex Coleman Cup Regional Team Championships (A/B)  Prospectus   Entry deadline Feb 5
MAR 24-26  USAB Massbad NE Junior OLC  Prospectus  Entry deadline Mar 9
APR 1-2  Durabird Eastern Collegiate Division 1 Playoff  Entry deadline Mar 14
APR 30  Massbad High School Team Championships  Entry deadline Mar 31