Four boys and four girls (U 19) will make it to the USA Junior Team for the 2012 World and the Pan Am Junior Championships. Another four boys and four girls will make it to the traveling U17 USA Team that will participate in team tournaments abroad.  In addition, players will be competing to qualify in the individual events (U19 for World Juniors and U19, 17, 15, 13, 11 for Pan Am Juniors) This will be all be determined on Apr 6-8 at the Junior International Trials (JIT) at Boston Badminton in Westborough, MA.  It is the first time that the JIT is held outside California, where some 80% of the players come from.  And this comes with a good reason: the current U17 BS Junior Nationals (JN) Champion Alan Shekhtman and U19 BS JN Champion Lee Chern, both from MA, are strong contenders for the USA Junior Team as well as the U19 individual events.  Additionally, MA has a very strong field of contenders for the U17 USA Junior team (Nicolas Waller, Alex Cheng, Phyllis Lin, Darren Yang, Jerry Yang and Critter Rodts) and the individual events.  These players, which include the winners of the recently concluded NW Super Regional Tournament as well as Soumya Gade (U13, NC), Alena Wang (U17, MD) and Austin Liou (U19, MD), represent the largest group of contenders outside California.
                The public is invited to watch the competition for free.  Please be guided by the following:
-To members and guests looking to play at Boston Badminton: Club is closed on Apr 6 and 7, Club is open from 6 to 9 pm on Apr 8.
-Tournament Play: Apr 6 and 7   8:30-11 pm, Apr 8  8:30-5 pm.
          1. Parking is very limited. Car pooling is strongly encouraged.
          2. If you are to park along Flanders road in front of the Club property, please park perpendicular to the road into the grass area in order to maximize parking spaces.
          3. The two roads that bound both sides of the property are private.  Do not park along these roads especially on Friday, Apr 6 before 5 pm.  Friday is a work day for these businesses.
          4. Should you have to park further away along the road on Flanders Rd or Washington St, please park only on one side of the street.
-The audience is expected to view the tournament from the ground floor.  The mezzanine is reserved for participants and tournament officials.
-Line judges.  When you are there, please volunteer to be a line judge.  Nelson Han will be coordinating volunteers.
-WE HOPE YOU WILL ALL CHEER LOUD FOR THE EAST COAST PLAYERS so that finally they can feel the home court advantage.