UPDATE: Fall League Results



50 Participants. Three weeks in October.  And the winners are….

Friday Singles League
Pool 1:  Champion: Srini Srinavasan    2nd Place: Phyllis Lin
Pool 2:  Champion: Wen Foo Chern     2nd Place: Alex Sukher
Pool 3: Champion: Azeez Shaik            2nd Place: Ravi Vompolu

Saturday Mixed Doubles League
 Pool 1:  Champion: Srini S. and Phyllis L      2nd Place: Ai Lean Lim and Andrey G.
Pool 2:  Champion: Ali Barket and Bing Shuai          2nd Place: Cun Yong and Cheryl Tan
Pool 3: Champion: Chuying Mao and Nan Zhang  2nd Place: Rachel and Peter Lee

Wednesday Doubles League
Pool 1: Champion: Wan Yik L and Stephen W 2nd Place: Nandan T and Ali Barkat
Pool 2: Champion: Ravi Vompolu and Akshay Paul 2nd Place: Rajdev Patra and Peer Tan
      Bo Chen and Gang Liu
Pool 3: Champion: Lee Chiu and Oliver Hong 2nd Place: Balaram T and Sudhir

The Winter League is coming.  Watch out for announcements.