Thanks to Yonex for support, Massbad is now able to increase the stakes of two popular tournaments for 2015: the Massbad Team Doubles Tournament (Divisions A and B) and the Massbad High School Team Badminton Championships.
In addition to perpetual trophies, winners will receive Yonex products valued at $1350 for Division A and $600 for Division B of the Yonex Massbad Team Doubles Tournament.  The team doubles tournament started with just Division B and eight teams in 2007.  It has continued to grow over the years and by 2014 there were 4 Divisions (A, B, C, D) with 24 teams and over 240 participants.  The team format has fostered camaraderie in the various Clubs in MA and drawn in many players to competitive badminton at all levels.  The 2015 events will be held on Mar 8 (Div A), Mar 14 (Div B), Mar 15 (Div C) and Mar 22 (Div D). Registration deadline is on Feb 24. 
The Massbad High School Team Badminton Championships represents a major effort by Massbad to popularize competitive badminton in MA high schools. The event started just two years ago, involved 11 school teams in 2014. In addition to a trophy awards, winning teams in Division 1 and 2 will receive Yonex bags and racquets (Nanoray 10) valued at over $1400.  The 2015 High School Badminton event will be held on Mar 1.  Registration deadline is on Feb 19, 2015.