• Everyday from 5-8 pm, Courts 4 and 5 are designated for Open Play, for players who do not have a group and would like to mix and match with other players.  Those who just want to play with their own group will have to use other courts.
    • COURT RESERVATION-This is best way to ensure your playing court. Rates are: $5/hr for members and checked in guests, $36/hr for non-members. Member court reservations have the following restrictions:      1) weeknight reservations at peak time are either 6-8 pm or 8-10 pm, 2) Club has the option to limit reservation to 1 hour for 2 players or 1.5 hour for 3 players if Club is full and 3) All players have to check in.
    • UNRESERVED COURTS- Whenever there are more players than courts, all players will go on rotation with 2 doubles games or one singles game per rotation. When Club reaches capacity, players are placed on waitlist and will be asked to wait outside.
    • Club capacity will remain at 50, i.e. 6 players to a court.