Open Play Line Live Stream

The livestream is for players to see how busy the open play line is. 

Please view our schedule (link on the left) to see how many courts are used for open play. 'Club Open Play' courts are labeled in orange on the schedule. 



    • Everyday from 5-8 pm, Courts 4 and 5 are designated for Open Play, for players who do not have a group and would like to mix and match with other players.  Those who just want to play with their own group will have to use other courts.
    • COURT RESERVATION-This is best way to ensure your playing court. Rates are: $5/hr for members and checked in guests, $36/hr for non-members. Member court reservations have the following restrictions:      1) weeknight reservations at peak time are either 6-8 pm or 8-10 pm, 2) Club has the option to limit reservation to 1 hour for 2 players or 1.5 hour for 3 players if Club is full and 3) All players have to check in.
    • UNRESERVED COURTS- Whenever there are more players than courts, all players will go on rotation with 2 doubles games or one singles game per rotation. When Club reaches capacity, players are placed on waitlist and will be asked to wait outside.
    • Club capacity will remain at 50, i.e. 6 players to a court.