Yonex Nanoray Racquets are Available

Check out Yonex newest racquet series: the NANORAY.   Introduced in 2011, the NANORAY is a technologically advance head-light racquet which delivers fast, controlled swing with enhanced repulsion via the new Aero Frame.   NanoRay is desgined for players seeking to control the game with extreme speed and sharp movement.

  • The Nanoray 700RP  ($219) or Repulsion overwhelms opponents with even faster shot-making and greater repulsion power.
  • The Nanoray 700FX  ($219)  has high resiliency and flexibility for better control.
  • The Nanoray 500 ($185)
  • The Nanoray 80 ($109) is targeted for intermediate player who want to benefit NanoRay design for lightweight, fast and controlled swing.
  • The Nanoray 20 ($55, prestrung)  is targeted for beginner and lower intermediate player.

The Nanoray 700 RP, 700 FX , 500 and 80 will include free stringing, a $20 value.